DIMAstro - LA133

DIMAstro - LA133 is an accurate, maintenance-free Lighting Controller that uses its calculations of  the Sun's position in the ecliptic coordinate system. The solution is designed to control maintained and non-maintained lighting systems.

The functionality of DIMAstro  is based on joining the high astronomical calculations accuracy and brighter-darker regulation. The position of the Sun is calculated by the astronomical functions on the basis of geographical position and height above the sea level. The Controller sets its position automatically through a GPS receiver.

The calculations are based on the sunrise and sunset, as well as night’s border points that mark the maximum allowance of darkness. A single parameter is expressed in percentages, where:

  • -1% - -99%- dawn
  • -100% - time of day light
  • 99%- 1% -dusk
  • 100% - complete darkness
  • 0% -point when sun starts to rise or set (the borders of day time)