Joystick JAM-03

Joystick JAM-03 is meant for control of systems and weapons. The measuring system guarantees high parameters adjustment’s precision in control systems and electric drives. As a result, it is used to build systems requiring high accuracy guidance.

Joystick is made of light metal and corrosion resistant steel and the mechanism and electronics are protected by a soft cover made of a special blend of silicone resistant to changing weather conditions and very low temperatures.  The switches located on the handle are resistant to water and dirt. It offers a wide range of button and switches placement on the handle while providing very good work ergonomics for the operator.

Joystick JAM-03 has already been used in many military equipment, for example in the  120 mm Self‑Propelled Mortar Carrier “RAK”, Remote Control Weapon System ZSMU and 23 mm Anti-Aircraft Mobile Gun and Missile System ZUR-23-2KG.